Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal treatment not only helps preserve the teeth but also promotes overall health, e.g., it significantly reduces the risk of suffering a heart attack, a stroke, and even the risk of giving birth prematurely.

Successful treatment of periodontal diseases (periodontitis, periodontosis) depends on the underlying causes of the condition having been identified and examined and then subjected to a systematic course of treatment.

Our specialist dental hygienists are on hand to ensure the professional execution and monitoring of your periodontal treatment and timely intervention in the event of recurrences. The aim is the preservation and regeneration of the periodontal (desmodont) fibers located between the teeth and the bone If these are lost, then there are followed by the bone, gums, and ultimately the teeth. Therefore, conservative and regenerative courses of treatment take precedence during periodontal therapy. The following treatment concept is available to you:


  • Professional teeth Cleaning
  • Gentle deep cleaning (curettage)
  • Assessment of the treatment results
  • Follow-up treatment of any affected gingival pockets using laser technology.
  • Surgical periodontal treatment of persisting and actively inflamed gingival pockets.
  • Regular post-therapeutic cleaning of the tooth surfaces (recall)


Periodontitis is the specialist medical term for the loss of the structure which supports the teeth (periodontium) as the result of bacterial infection. The severity of the clinical picture is initially assessed by measuring the depth of the gingival pockets, which develop following bone loss, and extend from the gum margin down to the remaining bone. Gingival pockets can lead to the development of abscesses, and the lack of bone support can cause visible gum recession (but not in every case!). The teeth become looser and then eventually are lost. Untreated periodontal gingival pockets lead to chronic bacterial exposure in the body with proven effects on the vascular structure. An objective diagnosis using what is known as the Florida Probe enables the electronic measurement of gingival pockets and other periodontal characteristics. This means that the anchoring of each individual tooth can be examined and the parameters (bleeding during probing) can be registered. Follow-up examinations allow for the objective analysis of the success of the treatment. On the basis of these findings, it can be decided if the treatment was successful or if further measures are necessary to ensure good prospects for tooth preservation.

Course of therapy: Consistent, targeted, and uncompromisingly biological.

Successful periodontitis treatment is based on the “Knockout Principle”. It takes places using the examination findings and a tailored course of antibiotics targeting the identified bacteria. To reduce the duration of the course of antibiotics, we offer the option of undergoing treatment on two consecutive days. We are also happy to explain our Full Mouth Disinfection concept to you, which focuses on the cleaning of gingival pockets and targets harmful bacteria.

After a period of at least two months, the results of the treatment are assessed and the appropriate conclusions are drawn. Any individual active inflammatory pockets and the implant surface, which are almost impossible to correctly clean manually, are treated using laser light – photodynamic chemotherapy. Special antiseptics are placed in the gingival pockets and activated using thin laser probes. This method is particularly effective at targeting anerobic bacteria which are resistant to other types of treatment. Surgical intervention may be necessary for the treatment of very deep gingival pockets (> 6 mm). Depending on the morphology of the bone defect, this may be carried out using enamel matrix protein alone or in combination with support materials (bone replacement material, collagen).