Master Dental Laboratory

We are very proud of the quality of our dental laboratory work. The close proximity to and cooperation with master dental technical Nowak, master dental technician Kollmann, and a team of highly qualified in-house dental technicians enables us to provide each patient with tailored and customized treatment. Lip profile, shape, color and size of the teeth, enamel transparency, and other characteristics are photo-optically measured and then designed according to your wishes. If necessary, they are re-designed following completion to ensure patient satisfaction. All manufacturing processes are carried out using ceramic materials and, where necessary, the highest quality German gold alloys, on specially configured devices. The occlusal (chewing) surfaces are designed based on biodynamic principles using mandibular joint and jaw function measurements (taken using ultrasound). We microscopically test the fit of all our products using a model – the more exact the fit, the more durable and long-lasting the dental restoration. Composite cements are no longer commonly used and we now use dentine adhesive to ensure optimal impermeability and durability of the treatment.