At our in-house prophylaxis department, teeth and gums are exclusively treated by professionally trained dental hygienists using our concept of intensive deep cleaning to help protect against the development of tooth and gum disease. Several studies have shown that regular individual prophylactic treatment can help maintain oral health in 99% of patients over a 20-year period (e.g., Axelsson, Lindhe & Nyström, 1991).

The preservation of teeth and the periodontium is an important aspect relating to quality of life in the context of ever-increasing life expectancy. In old age, stability of the teeth directly correlates to greater vitality. One prophylaxis treatment is not the same as the next – time and thoroughness are the decisive aspects for lasting treatment success. You can experience this during treatment at our clinic because prophylaxis has been an integral part of our tooth preservation concept for the last 20 years. Highly qualified dental hygienists and prophylaxis assistants are on hand to ensure your oral health and they have all the modern diagnostic devices and techniques available to them. Brilliant white teeth and a strong periodontium radiate a vision of a healthy and life-affirming approach to yourself and those around you – in all situations and stages of life.