Beautiful Teeth


A beautiful smile is your best asset

Cleaning, reshaping, bleaching, orthodontics, veneers, retouching… there are many options to help support natural dental processes. Having beautiful teeth increases your self-esteem, professional success and social acceptance while also improving chewing function.
To ensure the effective and successful esthetic and functional design of your new smile, our practice has years of experience in the treatment of media personalities and extensive specialist know-how to fall back on. Especially useful and popular is the on-site fine-tuning of tooth shape and color, which is carried out by our dental technicians in line with your expectations.


Tooth whitening

Bleaching and whitening of the teeth improves the overall sense of well-being and, according to studies, also promotes personal and professional success. When carried out professionally, tooth whitening is proven to be a safe and gentle process. Brilliant white teeth are your best asset!

Teeth Straightening

The correction of malpositioned teeth and mandibular anomalies is usually carried out by an orthodontic specialist. This type of treatment is mainly carried out on young people. What options are available for the treatment of small positional defects of the front teeth without the use of elaborate and noticeable solutions such as braces?


Veneers (also known as laminates) are thin ceramic shells which are used for esthetic tooth correction or to replace small defects on the incisal (cutting) edges of the front teeth which are attached using adhesive. We offer treatment with veneers and mini-veneers (known as “no prep veneers”) and have two decades of experience in this field.

Glass Ionomer Fillings

Glass ionomer fillings are a finely ground glass mixture, embedded in a plastic matrix, which are exceptionally difficult to manufacture. Professionally, this material is known as “white gold”, because one gram of it is more expensive that one gram of high-quality dental gold alloy.

Ceramic Inlays

We manufacture ceramic inlays using high-strength press ceramics. These inlays are not only the most beautiful but also the most tooth-friendly treatment of molars and premolars when compared to gold inlays. Ceramic inlays are conjoined with the full tooth surface using a dentine adhesive and are superior and provide greater safety when compared to conventionally cemented gold inlays.

Tooth Neck Inlays

Tooth neck defects can develop for a range of reasons. In our opinion, one of the main factors is that teeth bend under severe functional stress, which has been shown in studies. Simultaneously, the tooth enamel begins to become thinner and develop an anamorphic structure, meaning that there is no longer an equally distributed crystalline structure. This leads to tooth neck defects in these areas and increased sensitivity or susceptibility to carries, which requires treatment.