Healthy Teeth


Treat yourself and your teeth to regular checkups

Visit us to help keep your teeth healthy and only treat what need treating. Our practice operates in accordance with the principles of the “Schweizer Schule” (Swiss School) and aims to preserve the natural substance of the teeth or replace lost substance using the technique with the best possible prognosis.

We strive to put the latest scientific findings into practice. We use proven materials and methods which scientific studies have shown to be more effective and superior to those used previously. For the individually tailored care of your teeth, we take time to carefully plan and implement your course of treatment. With us, you will find expertise and patient support that aims to preserve or recover your normal ability to chew, smile and speak.


Caries Treatment

The earlier caries is discovered and treated, the more natural substance of your teeth can be preserved. Tooth restoration can be carried out on a small scale, targeting only the defect, to make sure that as much of the natural tooth enamel remains as possible. Not every discoloration (brown spot) on a tooth requires treatment; in some cases, it can make more sense to monitor a small defect before deciding to use the drill, as some types of lesions do not develop any further.

Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal treatment not only helps preserve the teeth but also promotes overall health, e.g., it significantly reduces the risk of suffering a heart attack, a stroke, and even the risk of giving birth prematurely. Successful treatment of periodontal diseases (periodontitis, periodontosis) depends on the underlying causes of the condition having been identified and examined and then subjected to a systematic course of treatment.

Exposed Tooth Necks

Receding gums at the outer surfaces of the teeth cause the neck of the teeth to become exposed and sensitive. This is known as gum recession, and it is the loss of bone support of the gums. In contrast to periodontitis, this type of bone loss is not usually caused by bacteria. Rather, it is caused by a delicate bone anatomy in the region, excessive pressure from pressing or grinding, as well as other factors.


The application of dental sealant to the occlusal surfaces is a recommended treatment for children between 6 and 18 years of age. The chewing surfaces of their teeth are sealed along with surface pitting affecting the front teeth. Due to their natural anatomical form, even the best home tooth care would be unable to completely remove plaque that builds up in these areas. These areas are susceptible to caries.

Microscopic Endodontics

The result of root canal treatment – necessary for deep caries, nerve inflammation, or after an accident – is crucial for the overall prognosis of the tooth. Anatomical studies show how complex the tunnel system inside the tooth can be. Residual tissue or bacteria in the tooth cavity can lead to painful infections and extensive cyst development in the jaw bones, ultimately resulting in the loss of the tooth and the surrounding bone.


At our in-house prophylaxis department, teeth and gums are exclusively treated by professionally trained dental hygienists using our concept of intensive deep cleaning to help protect against the development of tooth and gum disease. Several studies have shown that regular individual prophylactic treatment can help maintain oral health in 99% of patients over a 20-year period (e.g., Axelsson, Lindhe & Nyström, 1991).