Based on over 25 years’ experience fitting dental crowns and bridge implants, we believe that both belong under the same roof, i.e. a coordinated on-site team, to ensure the best results. We use the latest digital x-ray devices which produce 3D x-ray portraits that are analyzed to ensure the correct positioning of the implant. Our tailored customized drilling templates are created using laser-generated bone models. Potential risks (nerve structures, cavities, etc.) are identified during the planning phase, paving the way for successful implantation. Here also the excellent cooperation between implantologists and master dental technicians is a huge advantage for the future functional and esthetic success of the procedure. Depending on the scope of the planned procedure and the wishes of the patient, the implant can be fitted under local aesthetic, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), sedation, or general anesthesia.
Temporary esthetic treatment is carried out immediately, directly after the placement of the implants. The duration of the healing phase is calculated depending on bone quality and the number of implants fitted (generally 4 months). After healing, the implants are exposed, an impression is taken and the ceramic crowns made by the dental technician are cemented or screwed onto them.

Implants are the optimal option for treatment following tooth loss because they preserve the structural integrity of the adjacent teeth and the bone better than all other treatment methods. Additionally, the technique can be used on patients of any age; our oldest patient was 92 when they were fitted and he is still delighted with his strong and healthy teeth.