Teeth Straightening

The correction of malpositioned teeth and mandibular anomalies is usually carried out by an orthodontic specialist. This type of treatment is mainly carried out on young people.
Adults can also undergo corrective treatment of the front teeth for overlapping front teeth, incorrect alignment and complex malpoistioning of the teeth.

Nowadays, we are able to offer treatment without complex and obvious devices, such as dental braces. They are difficult to clean and have periodontal hygiene issues. Additionally, they promote the development of white spots – carious lesions – around the braces.

We work using the patented Invisalign treatment concept. This involves the use of computer-aided transparent plastic dental splints which are invisible to observers and enable good dental hygiene since they can be removed for brushing. Before the manufacture of the splints, impressions and photos of the teeth are taken and a custom digital visual model is created for you. This scan allows to you view a step-by-step depiction of your treatment and voice your own expectations before the therapy begins.

The numbers of splints and the corresponding duration depends on the complexity of the individual case. During the harmonization phase, each splint is worn for at least one week. This is followed by the stabilization phase, the results of which are kept in place using a retainer wire and a final version dental splint.

This treatment concept allows your teeth to be shaped in an esthetic and hygienic way.