The application of dental sealant to the occlusal surfaces is a recommended treatment for children between 6 and 18 years of age. The chewing surfaces of their teeth are sealed along with surface pitting affecting the front teeth. Due to their natural anatomical form, even the best home tooth care would be unable to completely remove plaque that builds up in these areas. These areas are susceptible to caries.

Studies have shown that the application of dental sealant to occlusal (chewing) surfaces of teeth has a high success rate (90%) in stopping the development of caries over a period of 12 years. Regular checkups are needed to ensure that the sealant remains intact or check if re-application is necessary. We have recently begun to offer caries infiltration therapy – the initial clinical study, and our experiences, find this to be a very promising option. The treatment is pain-free and causes no additional damage; it is also much better tolerated by children than drilling. It is important that a particularly thorough caries diagnosis is carried out before the application of the dental sealant (magnifying glass assessment, laser diagnostics, LED cold light, staining of caries bacteria). To ensure the complete removal of the bacterial film, we use not only ultrasound and brushes, but also airflow removal of the bacterial film. Additionally, we use dental adhesive to apply the sealant.