Veneers (also known as laminates) are thin ceramic shells which are used for esthetic tooth correction or to replace small defects on the incisal (cutting) edges of the front teeth which are attached using adhesive. We offer treatment with veneers and mini-veneers (known as “no prep veneers”) and have two decades of experience in this field.

Our dental technicians use high-performance ceramic (lithium disilicate) with a four-times-higher breaking strength than conventional ceramic materials. Veneers are not only a proven dental treatment, but also a highly desired one, with many actors and actresses choosing to have veneers fitted (e.g., Jodie Foster) due to the natural-looking, harmoniously shaped, and permanently white smile they provide. Not only esthetically but also health-wise, full ceramic partial crowns, the somewhat larger version of veneers, play an important role: This treatment is able to restore the incisal edges and positioning functions of the front and canine teeth, subsequently reducing strain and excessive chewing stress on the molars and premolars. The correct fitting of the veneers is vital to the success of this treatment and is carried out on-site by our dental technicians; close attention to detail ensures a natural-looking result.