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Service and more

Service is not everything – but without it your experience just doesn’t mean as much

You can make your dental appointment with the help of the Practice’s App or by telephone during the hours of 8:00 to 8:00 pm. You will receive a reminder of your appointment by text message or email. You can conveniently reach DIE Zahnarztpraxis by public transport (S-Bahn and bus stops are right in front of the building) or can park in one of parking spaces reserved for our patients.

After being greeted by the receptionist, you are welcome to enjoy a nice cup of tea or freshly ground coffee while you wait in the air-conditioned waiting room.

You can also use the wifi hotspot or read the latest issue of one of the many interesting magazines in our waiting room. You will receive your dental work in a timely, courteous and thorough manner. We will take time to make your visit pleasant and meaningful.

A specialist can be consulted to answer any questions about details and a dental technician is also on site to give his advice about your situation. After the treatment you will be provided everything you need to get by during your recovery. At the reception desk you will receive everything you will need for taking care of your teeth and can make appointment for dental prophylaxis with a certified dental hygienist.

Early morning appointments at 7:00 am or on Saturdays are available. The receptionist can also ‘translate’ anything you don’t understand about a treatment plan. You also have the option of making use of an exclusive financing offer from BFS-health-finance to make interest free instalment payments over a period of 12 months.

It is good to know that in the event of a painful toothache you will be able to get all the advice and help you need from your dentist, even on the weekend or bank holidays… You are in safe hands with us!

Do you have a good tip on how we can make your visit even more pleasant? Then please let us know!

Interesting facts

There is a large team of about 40 highly-qualified and competent employees working in the background at the dental practice and there are complex structures and a demanding workflow that you don’t see directly. We believe it is important that this is mentioned and is valued. We are proud of our dedicated staff. These invisible ‘good spirits’ are a very important part of your dental visit and they are responsible for the excellent results of your dental treatment.

We have counted the number of employees and were even surprised ourselves:

Would you ever have thought that around twelve employees are involved in one single ceramic crown?

Here are just a few of the tasks carried out by our highly qualified specialist staff: they welcome you to the practice; ensure the instruments for your treatment are verifiably sterilised; update treatment plans to meet constantly changing requirements; see to it that high-performance materials are available; verify that all computer, X-ray and technical systems work smoothly; make dental engineering masterpieces; and make sure your treatment is prepared and carried out properly.

We take care of our team

We are concerned not only with the wellbeing of our patients, but with the wellbeing of our employees as well. We offer our staff flexible working hours, which is particularly important for our female employees who have small children. We consider the professional qualifications of our employees very important and offer them extensive support so that they can attend continuing professional development courses.

We are grateful for our continually growing and dedicated team; some members have been working at the practice for more than two decades. At the same time, we are also pleased to have young, new employees join the team who are making a wonderful contribution to our team and are giving us new input.

We have extensive experience in training qualified dental assistants and have received a prize from the German Employment Agency. Moreover, we are always happy to have young people complete their vocational training at our practice.

We also support the early completion of vocational training; for example our apprentice Anna-Lena completed her training after only two years and was recognised as the top of her class by the Dental Association of Berlin for her excellent skills and hard work.

In the event of an emergency...

You can normally reach us by telephone from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 8 pm:

(030) 845 75 00

We offer special services for patients who have been to our practice before. In the event of an emergency, we are also available on the weekend, on bank holidays and in between Christmas and the New Year between 8 am and 8 pm.

You can leave a message and your telephone number on the answering machine and the dentist on duty will return your call as soon as possible.

After 8 pm, please contact the following after-hours assistance number for emergencies in the Berlin area: 8445-0.

Our fees ...

Due to the size of our practice and the benefits that come from specialisation and the synergy effects, we are in the position of being able to offer, in our opinion, fair prices for top quality dental medicine.

It is important to mention that the fees established in 2012 in the revised version of the dental fees scale (GOZ) for German statutory health only covered increases for about 10 per cent of the fee codes in comparison to fees established in 1988. This means that about 90 per cent of fee codes have remained completely unchanged – for almost thirty years. Due to legal provisions, certain services are not covered or subsidized by statutory health insurance. For this reason, there are no corresponding standards (fees) for the quality of dental care set out in the legally established standards, which focus on treatments being ‘economical, adequate and functional.’ However we can still offer our patients who have statutory health insurance attractive financing options through BFS-health-finance, a billing agency affiliated with the Bertelsmann Group.

The billing company BFS-health-finance offers you clever payment conditions in a discrete and unbureaucratic manner. It is even possible to make interest free payments over a period of 12 months (as of January 2015) or get financing over a period of 12-48 months (credit rating required) so that it is feasible for you to get the valuable dentures you need. You can also stop your invoice from going into collection online if you experience any delays in getting reimbursed by third party payers.

These financing options help our patients who have high deductibles get top quality and valuable dental restorations.

Several insurance companies also have offers for people with statutory insurance to get supplemental private insurance. You can find an overview of some offers and services covered by supplemental insurance policies by going to waizmanntabelle.de. However, no warranty is given or liability accepted for the contents or completeness of this website.

Quality management

A documented quality management system guarantees our patients that all relevant activities and every single treatment step is planned, implemented, checked, secured and continually improved with quality in mind.

For example, we document each time an individual instrument is used and sterilized. We require the highest quality standards for hygiene.

Our quality management system ensures that the expertise of all our employees is utilised for the success of our dental practice and that our dental team works together towards achieving the goals they have set for themselves.

Our team’s participation in external and internal training courses and the realisation of our objectives across the team means that it is never boring at our practice and that we are working at a professional level that lives up to the highest international standards.

We implement quality management with the patients needs in mind:

  • We offer our patients high quality service that meets their individual needs
  • We encourage our team to take qualified advanced training courses (quality assurance)
  • We invest in modern, scientifically sound medical technology so that we can offer you high quality dental medicine  (high quality standards and quality assurance)

Clear images – with minimal radiation

Digital X-rays are taken in a similar way as they are in digital photography – with sensors and special imaging plates. Thanks to digital technology, exposure to radiation can be minimised by up to 95 per cent compared to traditional analogue X-ray procedures. Digital X-rays emit considerably less radiation and promotes food ‘radiation hygiene’.

At the same time, the technical options for having image evaluations carried out by modern software have become more vast and precise. In compliance with legal provisions for lowering radiation exposure, all our X-ray machines are checked on an ongoing basis (constancy test) and our staff members are required to complete advanced training on radiation protection on a regular basis.

Since 2009 our practice has had a special device available for taking a digital volume tomography. Three dimensional images of bones and teeth can be taken while exposing the patient to much lower levels of radiation than are emitted from normal computed tomography (CT) scans.

The information obtained from these images can be used to shed light on unclear symptoms, complicated root canals and periodontal bone loss and are used for dental implant planning and tooth replacement treatments. Bone models and drilling templates for implants can even be made with precision up to a tenth of a millimetre so that operations can be performed as precisely as possible and a successful outcome of the treatment can be achieved safely.

Perfect hygiene

We strive to ensure that the hygiene measures at our practice are exemplary. Two assistants are responsible for sterile materials; they supervise the process to ensure that the disinfection and sterilisation process is complete, safe and documented. The outcome of every sterilisation process is digitally saved, validated and independently verified.

After being initially disinfected in a chemo-thermal disinfector, all of the sterilisation procedures are carried out in a special room equipped with state-of-the-art dental autoclaves (class B) and an Acuvac system, which is used for straight and contra-angle handpieces. The outcome of sterilisation is checked using spore tests and indicator test strips and is fully documented. All packaging for sterile supplies are recorded electronically and all sterilisation procedures are documented electronically. All straight and contra-angle handpieces are sterilised before treating a patient in order to rule out any transmission of germs, even if the only dental procedure to be undertaken is drilling – this shouldn’t be taken for granted.


The apprenticeship campaign Perspektive Jugend 2012

Vocational training is the future – for young adults and for businesses alike. For this reason, we took part in the German apprenticeship campaign ‘Perspektive Jugend 2012’. This campaign was supported by the website meinstadt.de and over 30 other media outlets.

Meinstadt.de brought companies and young adults together with this special apprenticeship campaign. Along with over 30 media partners, we looked for companies that wanted to report their vacant apprenticeship posts. Over 40 different cities and communities also supported this campaign, which has been taking place for several years. The most successful year to date was in 2008 when over 2,244 companies took part in the campaign and reported more than 25,000 vacant apprenticeship places.

You can see our trainees here.

Award for promoting adolescent vocational training

In February 2010 the German Employment Agency in Berlin-South (Agentur für Arbeit) awarded five companies from their district which had made a special contribution to supporting young people with their vocational and further training. We were honoured that our practice was one of them.

We currently employ several trainees who are being trained as qualified dental assistants. This apprenticeship requires young adults to learn a lot of new information and to learn how to perform high quality work. The high working and training standards in our practice are ensured by our use of the latest technology available and by our staff, which is fully committed to continuing professional development.

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We look forward to receiving your request for an appointment or your job application. To contact us, please call us, send an email or use the app!



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